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The New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) Expanding Health Partnerships—NPI EXPAND Project— is a five-year project which aims to support Missions by increasing the availability and utilization of quality health services across all USAID priority health areas. In line with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) commitment to expanding its range of implementing partners, NPI EXPAND invests in new and underutilized local partners (NUPs) and strengthening their capacity to strategize, plan, and implement health sector programs with USAID funds. Enhanced participation of capable local partners to increase demand for and deliver high-quality, high impact health services will enable governments to meet crucial health goals equitably and sustainably. NPI EXPAND will catalyze opportunities to scale up innovative interventions by strengthening the capacity of NUPs with varying levels of capabilities and exposure to USAID.

NPI EXPAND has a global mandate to work with USAID missions throughout the world which have programs requiring NPI EXPAND’s expertise in capacity strengthening, grant making and performance improvement in health and other development sectors.

Featured Insights

Our project partners and staff have been involved in a number of exciting and life-saving activities over the past couple of months. Please see the stories and presentation below for more information and insights.

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